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About Us
About Us


The concept of Poolman arose out of the necessity to run a pool maintenance cleaning and repair business the same as you would run any other business. This is built around customer service. What makes PoolmanCRM so unique, is it does something almost no one else does or can do at this time. It allows the pool professional to communicate with his customer on a regular basis and to keep them informed real time as to what is happening with the clients pool.

This has led to an improvement in customer loyality, increased revenues and larger profits. The pool professional is also able to grow his more profitable parts of his business such as repairs and improvements by keeping the customer informed before a problem arises for planned decsion making rather than emergency repairs.

Jim Fagan is a management and sales consultant. He currently owns Advanced Business Development. He is the founding partner in PoolmanCRM and its chief architect. Jim has 35 years of experience in high tech companies, domestic and international sales, management and business development. He currently specializes in helping sales teams to improve their productivity, understanding customer buying habits and mastering best practices.